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About botox is

botox is

What is it?

“Botox” is the abbreviated term for the botulinum toxin, it is used for preventative anti-ageing. When injected to specific muscles of the face or neck- it will stop repeated muscle contractions which are leading to wrinkles and lines.  

Botox is one of the safest and most successful procedures that you can get at Smart Aesthetic. It’s great for those that seek incredibly satisfying and reliable results quickly. Just remember that it can take up to three days to see the full impacts of wrinkle reducing injections. We have many loyal clients who have visited us regularly over the years for this repeatable wrinkle reduction treatment that keeps them looking fresh and youthful



Create the beautiful arched eyebrows of your dreams. Strategic injections of botulinum toxin into certain facial muscles can lead to the much sort after “botox brow-lift”, without the need of surgery. The result will “open up ones eyes”, improve eyebrow position with additional benefit of softening of frown lines and crows feet. This procedure takes no longer than 5 minutes with zero downtime.

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Create an elegant and contoured lower face and neck. Through the natural ageing process your neck may look more saggy/loose. Micro-injections of botox will tighten your neck, improve horizontal lines and provide “lifting” in the neck and jaw area. This popular injectable treatment, is named after Queen Nefertiti who was renowned for her beauty. We can also enhance the appearance of your chin with one injection which is included in the price of the treatment.


Defined Jawline

Botox injections in the masseter muscle produce a slimmer, contoured jawline and feminine facial shape. A “square jaw” is often the result of a thick masseter muscle. Injecting this muscle with botox can restore a smoother, oval appearance of the face. This is also an excellent treatment for patients suffering from bruxism/teeth clenching. Further jawline definition can be achieved through dermal fillers.